Statement of Intent

The main reason I chose to study Visual Communication was the wide range of disciplines which you are given the opportunity to experiment with, this year I am very excited about exploring as many aspects of art and design as possible. I hope to utilise my strengths which I have gained through previous study and also through having a personal interest in creative subjects.

I feel that my strengths include the more 3D and hands-on making side of design as I studied Product Design at A level and previously studied the 1st year of an Architecture degree. I also feel that my writing skills are fairly strong as I have kept a blog for the past year. I hope to transfer these skills to all aspects of the course.

I think that my weaknesses are computer based design and also illustration. I have little experience in both of these fields but I intend on working hard at improving my skills in both disciplines. I am, however, often nervous when I am challenged with new things, but I hope to push myself into trying new things and learning new skills whenever possible.

By the end of 1st year, I hope to have explored much of the facilities that are on offer, especially the library. I also hope to get involved in some extra-curricular activities, art and design related and also other societies. In addition, I look forward to getting involved in the curatorship, events and exhibition side of things.


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