Prague: 15 Things, Part 4


“Document some street art”

These are two photographs of the John Lennon Wall which began as a normal, graffiti-free wall. However, in the 1980s, youths began to write poems, draw images and simply leave some sort of symbol of peace or love. This was in part due to youths rebelling against the Communist party who were in power at the time. Many attempts have been made to paint over the DIY artwork but each time, after a day or two, the wall is once again full of images of positivity.

It is named The Lennon Wall as, when the wall began to be decorated, The Beatles were at their height of stardom and John Lennon was preaching his message of love and peace to the world. The wall is filled with flowers, hearts, names and messages.


I couldn’t help but leave my own mark on the wall and so left my name with a simple heart underneath it. The amazing thing about the wall is that if you visited it and the returned a day or two later then it would look completely different. I overheard a Czech man describe the wall as being “alive” which I thought was incredibly true.


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