Narratives: Editing

To enable us to edit our film successfully, we were given an induction into Adobe Premiere. I have never used any sort of editing software before so found the software quite difficult to use but I gave it my best go at playing around with bits of film footage, sound and effects.


While going through some of the footage, we realised that there were a few issues with some of the shots and sequencing. The final scenes did not quite tell the story as well as we had hoped they would so we decided to refilm some scenes. This meant that my minor role in the film would be cut as I was unable to attend the reshoot due to work commitments. We also needed to add in a couple of extra shots to give more detail to the story, such as close ups and first person shots. Another addition we hope to add is some sound bites to add dramatic effect.

This is a preliminary version of the first half of our film:


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