I absolutely love buying books, especially about art and design. I also recently was doing loads of reading about Dadaism, the early 20th century art movement so the next obvious step seemed to be to buy a good book on the movement. After doing a bit of hunting on the internet I decided to get this Taschen one as I have a few other Taschen books and think that they’re really interesting and have some great images in there too. Hopefully it will be helpful when to have a bit of background knowledge on this topic when we come to get a lecture on the movement within my Context of Practice module.


I got interested in the movement as I was reading about the influences which led to Pop art. The society of the early 20th century and the politics are major factors in what went into the pieces created by Dada artists. The beginning of the movement coincided with the beginning of World War I and so war and protesting. As with all art, it was a medium of expression for the artists however on a more serious and political level. It was their way of expressing their rejection of capitalism which they believed had caused the war. Dadaism was a very short lived movement with it coming to an end around the beginning of World War II.

ImageThis is one of my favourite pieces from the book. It is by Hannah Hoch and is entitled ‘Incision with the Dada Kitchen Knife through Germany’s Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch’. The collage style that is typical of most Dada art really intrigues me and I love the colours and tones of this piece. Hoch was the only woman in the Berlin Dada movement and was not taken as seriously as her male counterparts. The piece represents a lot of the events of 1920 and features some of the key political and cultural figures of the time such as the recently-abdicated Kaiser Wilhelm II and Field Marshall Hindenburg.


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