Pripyat Abandoned

Pripyat was a normal town in northern Ukraine until the early hours of 26th April, 1986. This was the night of the huge disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Pripyat was one of the towns closest to the plant and so was tragically affected by the disaster. Despite the scale of the explosions and subsequent radiation leak, the town was not evacuated until days after the fires were extinguished due to lack of understanding and communication surrounding the extent of the possible damage and harm that the radioactive smoke and debris could cause.

I found reading about the effects of the radiation on the people of Pripyat and other nearby towns to be heart-breaking. Even today, some people are still becoming ill from exposure to the radiation.

When the people of Pripyat were initially told of the evacuation plan, they were told only to take essential personal belongings as the authorities believed that they would only be away from their homes for a matter of days. As we know now, the unfortunate inhabitants of Pripyat would never be allowed to return to their homes permanently. Because of this, some of the homes that are still standing untouched now contain almost all the previous owners possessions; it is almost like the house is frozen in time.



This house was left abandoned by its owners. However, before they left they did write a short message on its exterior wall. The message reads: “Forgive me, my house, and goodbye!”

It was fascinating to see the photographs of the town which is now being reclaimed by nature. There is trees and plants sprouting up throughout the town and wildlife are now making their homes in the town as it is deserted and they are free to roam.




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