Narratives: Book Idea

When asked to find a news story that I thought was interesting and worth retelling, I panicked slightly and came up with all sorts of strange ideas. However, after going home and doing some more in depth research, I decided to use a story that I am interested in and that I also think is important: I decided on the story of the female, punk protest band from Russia.. Pussy Riot. More specifically, I am interested in the story of one of the arrest of one main women in the group who is currently still in prison for her actions, her name is Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

ImageI now need to work out how I will tell the story, and through what medium. The book needs to be 20 pages long and is 7 by 7 inches. I think I am going to use a mixture of text and images in a collage format but this is only an idea for now.



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