Narratives: Book Style Research

I have been doing a lot of research into Pussy Riot and their influences. They take a lot of the ideas from the Riot Grrrl movement which was a punk rock feminist group which began in America in the early to mid 1990s. Both groups of people created pro-female empowerment themed music and protested for women’s rights. Riot Grrrl was a lot more than just the music though, they also used different art forms to put across their ideas and made zines to distribute to raise awareness of their cause. These were often done in a very DIY manner and so I have been researching this style and thinking about coming up with my own version to use within my book. I have also been looking at some artwork which was done for some of the bands associated with the Riot Grrrl movement. From looking at all of these images, it is clear that the DIY ethic promoted the use of black and white imagery as these images are easiest to copy, produce in large amounts and also cheapest to print. This has made me think that, in keeping with their ethos, I might create my book to be black and white. There is also a lot of handwritten text along with print text combined together. I like the haphazard and thrown together feel that this creates.



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