Whilst reading Vice recently, I found myself looking at this series of photographs taken by Lincoln Clarke. ‘Heroines’ was a project he began in 1997 in Vancouver. It involved him exploring the downtown eastside which is where many of the city’s female drug addicts spent much of their time. The series is so poignant as these are the last photographs of many of the women, some went missing, died from the addiction to heroin or crack cocaine, and some of these addicts were later murdered by serial killer Robert Pikton.

In the interview with Clarke, he says that one of his main goals when taking these photographs and putting them out there for his country to see was to create awareness of these women and their addictions and so hopefully give them the help they need to get clean and function back in society. Clarke began taking photos of the women as one of his friends was also a heroin addict and was friends with some of these women. I think the fact that he has a personal drive to take these photos is evident throughout the series, even though he doesn’t know every one of these women, I think that you can tell he has a personal bond with the subject, and so raising awareness of these women’s problem.

They are beautiful photographs but they also hold so much sadness. You can see in every photograph the struggles and sadness in the woman’s eyes. He has really captured them amazingly.



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