Narratives: Pages Plan

  1. Russia – wider context of politics, Putin
  2. Headlines – cut out news stories and phrases of oppression and key ideas of Putin
  3. Pussy Riot – basic facts
  4. Pussy Riot – work, ethos and ideas
  5. Pussy Riot – work, ethos and ideas
  6. Church support of Putin
  7. Pussy Riot plan to act
  8. Performance in cathedral
  9. Security stopping them
  10. Creation of video
  11. Upload to web
  12. Arrests – later denied bail
  13. Later convicted of hooliganism
  14. Other members flee Russia – YS freed
  15. NT and MA imprisoned
  16. Supporters gather
  17. NT goes on hunger strike – disappears when being moved to new prison
  18. “missing in Siberia” – no one hears of her whereabouts
  19. Found in Siberian prison hospital
  20. Other protests Pussy Riot have inspired – they have become heroines and continue to inspire

After writing out parts of the story and looking at how I want to represent certain events within the story, I have made a provisional plan as to what elements of the story will go onto each page of the book.The first page I have used as a way of explaining a wider context to the story and the last page is kind of to show what has happened because of the actions of the protagonists.

I am using a combination of images and text to put the story across. I am also still planning on using the style of zines and having quite a DIY approach to the layout. Hopefully this will represent Pussy Riot and their story well.


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