SLR Photography

I recently had an SLR photography induction where we were shown the basics of how to use an SLR camera and then we were able to go out and take some photographs and then develop them in the dark rooms. I had never used an SLR camera and so this was all very alien to me however I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting while taking photographs then also when in the dark room, using different exposures and contrasts, etc. I decided to use two of the negatives that came out most successfully; one of Leeds Town Hall, the other of a 70s car park on Greek Street in Leeds city centre. The photograph of the Town Hall ended up coming out over exposed even though I tested it before creating the final image, I think that I must have changed a setting accidentally before exposing the final image, although I do still quite like the over exposure on the final image. In my opinion, the print of the car park came out successfully as there are a good amount of dark tones balanced with a good amount of light tones. Also, there is some grain visible on the lighter areas. I really enjoyed this induction and hope to use the dark room facilities in a future project.





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