Narratives: Text Style Research

After looking at the zines, I decided that I wanted to use a certain way of presenting the text in my book. I like this idea of having the text on a white background, as though it has been cut around and then stuck on top of whatever photograph or image is in the book. Sometimes this text will then have another background of black behind the white. I got this idea from this image from my zine research blog post.

I have tried out some different style fonts, digital and by hand, using this technique. I think I prefer the digital text over the hand written versions. My handwriting is fairly messy and, although that is in keeping with the zine style, I can’t guarantee that my writing will be consistent throughout the book. I used Courier New font for the digital versions as that is often used on the Riot Grrrl zines and it is in the style of an old type writer. I feel like the first two digital versions, using the bold and regular along with upper and lower case letters, are the most successful. They are the clear and the easiest to read.



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