Prague: 15 Things, Part 15

“Listen to some Czech music. How does it make you feel?”

I didn’t manage to listen to any Czech music whilst in Prague so instead I decided to do a bit of research once I returned home. I found out that there is quite a large punk scene in the Czech Republic which began decades ago but is still thriving today. Many of the punk groups which formed in the 70s and 80s began as a way of acting out against the communist government.

FPB (Fourth Price Band) formed in 1980 in Teplice, which is a small town on the Czech-German border. They were known for their “musical complexity and poetry” and gained much attention due to being a punk band in a country being ran by a communist government.

This is one of their songs from 1985:

I really like the energy of the music and I love the accompanying video footage.


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