Ian Wright

ImageIn November I went to see John Cooper Clarke, the original ‘punk poet’ as he is often known, at the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle. He was absolutely hilarious and had the entire audience laughing for the entirety of his performance. I was then doing a bit of research afterwards and stumbled across this image done of him by Ian Wright. Wright is an artist/illustrator who began his career around the same time that JCC did which was during the emergence of the punk scene onto British culture in the 1970s. I think this image is amazing and I really like the use of the stamp of JCC’s name to make up the image. Wright worked for NME magazine in the 70s and so much of his work is music based. He created a cover for The Sunday Times Magazine which was of John Lennon made up of scraps of different coloured paper and letters.

ImageHe often also uses badges to make up a collage to create an image. He has worked with some really famous musicians such as Bjork, Ian Brown and Pete Townsend. His work really interests me as I love art that crosses over into the world of music as these are my two main interests.




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