Luis Venegas “My Magazines”

Luis Venegas is an editor, publisher and creative director from Spain. Originally from Barcelona, he now lives in Madrid, where he compiles articles and curiosities for his magazine Fanzine137. He has worked for many notable brands such as Acne and American Apparel, utilising his skills within creative direction, and also contributed to numerous successful publications such as GQ Style UK and Acne Paper. Since March 1992, when he bought his first magazine, he has been collecting countless publications and has gathered a vast and varied hoard. NOWNESS, a lifestyle magazine which launched in 2010, produced a video of Venegas showing the audience his back-collection of magazines. I really like the style of the video and think that the lighting looks amazing. I felt that it was a very personal insight into something Venegas is obviously extremely passionate about. I am currently hoping to improve my skills at filmmaking and editing through the project I am working on as part of my current module and this video has inspired me as I am also a collector and have many boxes of magazines hidden away at home.


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