I Wish I’d Done That

‘I Wish I’d Done That is a really interesting project done by D&AD who create awards and project for just about anything on the spectrum of creativity. This project is about getting ‘the world’s most potent creatives’ to look back over 2013 and choose a project which made them think ‘I Wish I’d Done That’. I really liked the concept and ended up spending a good portion of my evening watching all of the videos. I think it’s a great idea as it makes you choose one single piece which really made you think and stuck in your mind and explaining exactly why you like it. This also helps you to be inspired and possibly use some of the ideas to influence your own work.

Here are some of my favourites:

The idea being praised in this video is really effective and also very funny. To combat the Republican senators and government officials in America who firmly believe that climate change is not happening, the creatives came up with the idea of naming the disasters after the officials and producing broadcasts warning of the dangers of ‘Senator James Inhoffe’, etc.

This next video shows the photographer Rankin praising another piece involving humor. The piece is an ironic video intended to mock the typical fashion videos which often take themselves a bit too seriously.


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