Alec Dudson of Intern Magazine


On 16th January, I attended a talk and Q&A session at Village bookstore, with Alec Dudson, the founder of Intern Magazine. He gave an amazingly interesting presentation about his experiences setting up an independent magazine and his journey from leaving university to his current situation surrounding the magazine. His ethos is all about how any level of intern should be paid for their work; whether that be a contribution or some of their time and expertise. This is currently a very controversial topic as many argue whether young talent should be paid for everything they do or whether they should be appreciative of the opportunity for exposure or experience.


His lecture was really inspiring as he has created his magazine from absolutely nothing, using hard work, determination and also the online platform Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for the first issue. Kickstarter is a great way for otherwise unknown enterprises to gain the backing they need to get on their feet. They created a video to go alongside their campaign to help to show possible funders what the project is all about.


It was motivating to hear someone so young to be so successful and to have had so many opportunities to further his knowledge and experience since university. His insight into publishing and media has really made me consider whether this should be the path I go down in the future. I learnt a lot from the talk, especially how much you can achieve if you are really passionate about something and put your mind to it.


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