Narratives Evaluation

The book part of the module was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used skills and knowledge gained previously in the year (the zine task) to create my book and covered a story which I am very interested in. I enjoyed the hands on and practical aspect of this, especially going and binding the book by hand. I was really pleased with the final outcome.

I think that I could improve on recording my work as I go. When I first handed in I was criticised for not showing how I got to my final images which I have now rectified by editing my posts and including my sketchbook work and any rough images. I have since begun to record my journey more as I go. Using InDesign so much was very new to me but it helped me to practice with it.

I really did not enjoy the film part of the module. I really got on with most of my group however I was made to feel as though my input was unwanted. I was originally in the film and then other shots had to be redone which meant I was then cut from the film. I also tried to edit numerous times and was not allowed an input. I pride myself on being a good team player but this group dynamic did not work. I suppose this is what you learn from each project, who you work well with and who you do not and I still gained a lot from the experience.

I would have liked to have gotten more hands on with the filming as I have since done some documentary filming and really enjoyed it. I am hoping to further my camera skills over the summer.


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