Visual Exploration Evaluation

I found this module as a whole difficult to get into at the start of the year. I think this is because the tasks seemed slightly pointless and did not link or connect to anything at all. However, I enjoyed each task as a separate workshop. I also missed the screen printing workshop initially due to illness so had to go and do my screen print later by myself which I struggled to motivate myself to do but eventually completed it. I will work harder next term to ensure I do not miss things.

I enjoyed working in the group to carry out the zine project and think that ours came out well. We collaborated well and shared the workload equally. Making the zine has led me to have a keen interest in zines and I have gone on to re use the techniques I learnt. I enjoyed making them as it was a very hands on and practical project which involved going out and gathering material (photographs) and then making something physical. I much prefer this type of task over more computer based work, I think this is because I come from a product design background rather than art or graphic design.

The typography was interesting as I have never done graphic design before so I learnt a lot. The opportunity to get some practice using InDesign and other software was invaluable to me as using computers is not my strong point. I hope to use the skills gained more in the future by having a go at some more hand drawn typography for future projects.

The screen printing was really enjoyable once I got into it and I learnt a lot as the technique and methods are quite long and complex. I have since been back and done some more prints as I enjoyed it so much.

I hope that in the future I stay on track and do not have any more absences as that will ensure me to get the highest grade I can. I know that it is only through my own fault if I do not achieve my potential so I will do everything to ensure I attend every session.


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