Mental Health Survey

As part of my SDP, I created a survey to gain knowledge of people’s understanding of mental health issues. I collected the most results from people around my own age as this is the age range I hope to target with my zine. These were the questions that I asked:

  • What key words, images or thoughts spring to mind when you hear the phrase ‘mental health issue’?

  • What would be your definition of a ‘mental health issue’?

  • Do you feel that there are stigmas or preconceptions surrounding mental health issues?

  • Have you ever experienced or witnessed any negative attitudes towards those with mental health issues?

  • How do you think the media portrays those with mental health issues?

  • What methods would help people to gain understanding about others suffering from mental health issues?

These questions will hopefully give me an idea of the ideas people have about mental health issues and so will help me to target specific preconceptions.


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