Zine Research


Ever since moving to Leeds almost 2 years ago I have collected zines. You can find them all over the place for free such as in shops, bars and in uni and there are always art fairs and zine fairs where you can pick up some for a very reasonable price. My small collection has helped me a lot when working out how to put together a zine, especially this one called LGBWHAT? which is about LGBT awareness.

I hope to follow a similar aim as to this project and create something that looks aesthetically pleasing but is also extremely informative. It goes through the ins and outs of what not to do and what to say about the topic of LGBT in a very casual yet matter of fact way. Not using overly technical language yet still keeping a serious tone. I think that the page about myths and misconceptions is really good and follows the ethos of what I hope my zine to have.



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