Make Your Own Luck by Kate Moross

ImageI have always been really interested in Kate Moross’ work, mainly because illustration and graphic design are definitely not my strong point so I really appreciated the work she has done. Also, the projects she takes part in are the types that I would love to work on. She works with musicians, clothing labels and other designers to collaborate and create some really inspiring work. Not only is she an illustrator and graphic designer, she also carries out photography work along with clothing design and has numerous other strings to her bow. The book is so inspiring as much of the work she discusses is from when she was still studying for her degree, this just shows how much you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

The first thing I learnt from the book is that you don’t need to be employed full time or graduated from university to get paid to do work. You don’t even need to be asked to do work for people either. Moross spent much of her time in university creating logos and images for bands and friends without them even asking. This allowed for exposure to her work and led to more paid work. Doing things for free can sometimes pay off financially in the end!

Secondly, I learnt that even if you’ve never done something before or are unsure whether you can do something, it is still always best to try things out and have a go. Practice makes perfect and trying new things can sometimes lead to the best results.

Lastly, learn from your mistakes and use them to your advantage. Making sure that you stop and look closely at a mistake or error of judgement ensures that you know what you did wrong and understand what to do next time to improve your work. Also, sometimes incorporating mistakes that you make into your work can give a different outcome, not one that you expected, but something you may never thought to have try or do.


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