Context of Practice 1 Evaluation

Context of Practice was a module that I was really looking forward to. The history of art and design is very important to me and is something that I have always been interested in. The lectures we got throughout the year were fascinating and introduced me to some artists that I previously knew nothing about. I would actually have liked to have more lectures like this as I enjoyed them so much.

I found the public art task difficult to get into at first. Even though I really enjoyed the workshops we had with David there was something about the actual work itself that I couldn’t get into. I think the issue may have been how the emphasis was on treating it as if it was a live brief even though it wasn’t. Although I managed to come up with a few fairly good starting points for ideas, I found it very difficult to develop any of them further. I know that this is a weakness of mine as I worry too much and don’t just try things out which I hope to combat next year. I will do this by exploring more of my ideas and not worrying about making mistakes.

Despite a few issues, once I decided upon my installation I enjoyed creating the visuals and writing the statements. Writing is a strong point of mine so I wasn’t very worried about that side however using computer software is definitely a weakness. However, I persevered and did the best I could with my limited image-manipulation skills. I am going to practice with the computer software over the summer to try and improve my knowledge and understanding of the programs.

I enjoyed writing the essay for this module. I got so many books from the library and did a lot of research to make sure I knew what I was talking about. However, this did not stop me from struggling to write a total of 3000 words. The word count is the largest I have ever aimed for when writing an essay and it did not come extremely easily. My expertise definitely lies in writing shorter essays. Even so, the research process and choosing a topic of my choice made the essay component interesting and kind of enjoyable.

The essay caused me to appreciate the way that art can be used so strongly to evoke emotion and change opinions. Visual Communication, as a course, holds this ethos so highly and researching art that aims to critique society just like we aim to do was inspiring.


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