SDP Idea

So after a lot of doodling, thinking and stressing out I have finally come up with an idea for my piece. I am hoping to create a zine called ‘I wear my heart on my zine’ which will include personal stories and¬†experiences of those who have encountered mental health issues throughout their lives. Whether it be themselves who have gone through it or a friend or loved one, the zine will be a place for them to share their stories and so encourage people to talk and also show how they can triumph over their issues.

I think I will have the stories included by anonymous contributors as that gives people a lot more confidence to speak freely without being judged. It will hopefully contain narratives that are almost like diary entries.


SDP Research Development

So one of the main things I took from my feedback was that I wasn’t particularly telling my reader/audience anything they either didn’t already know or couldn’t find from any bog-standard leaflet. So I am going to look through some of the leaflets and see their angle on the topic, which will hopefully help me to counter their approach with my own unique angle.

I very quickly found a website which aimed to do exactly what I initially wanted to do which was to encourage people to talk about mental health and to combat the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues. Because of this I have decided that instead of trying to encourage people to be more open about talking about mental health I will simply create a zine that will explore my own (family’s) experience.

SDP Update

To improve my final piece for my self directed project I have gone through the feed back form and made some notes on what I want to do to change the outcome.

Firstly I was criticised for lack of connection which is probably because the topic of mental health is currently one that is extremely personal to me and so it is possible that I have almost detached myself from the subject. To do this I am going to try to approach the subject from a more connected angle and include my own personal experience.

Next, I was criticised for my visual which I knew were not my strongest. As they were seen as too literal I hope to develop them more and also hope that the strength of my written work will bring the level of work up to scratch.

Basically, I have been told to ‘critique and comment’ on a topic with a more personal mindset. I was given the option to choose a new topic but as this one is close to my heart I feel that I should persevere with it and do it justice.