Village Fete Part 1


The brief for the village fete project was to create a stall/game that would generate as much money as possible while not spending much on start up costs or materials so that profits are the highest as the money goes to Teenage Cancer Trust. We got into groups and Rob, Chris and I decided to work together. We came up with various ideas at first, hoping to create something memorable and funny. Some of the discarded ideas were a Kim Kardashian style photo  shoot, some kind of target practice with a leader board to keep customers coming back or even a game involving throwing a coin into a giant ceramic bum.


Eventually we decided to go with a Christmas theme as the holidays begin shortly after the event and I came up with the idea of a Christmas single with Rob singing some classics. We felt that this was a good idea as it production costs would only involve buying some CDs and covers and a small amount of filming. We have now started recording Rob’s vocals and have a photoshoot planned.


We aim to be finished the production by the end of the week so that we can get on with our other projects.



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