Narratives Evaluation

The book part of the module was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used skills and knowledge gained previously in the year (the zine task) to create my book and covered a story which I am very interested in. I enjoyed the hands on and practical aspect of this, especially going and binding the book by hand. I was really pleased with the final outcome.

I think that I could improve on recording my work as I go. When I first handed in I was criticised for not showing how I got to my final images which I have now rectified by editing my posts and including my sketchbook work and any rough images. I have since begun to record my journey more as I go. Using InDesign so much was very new to me but it helped me to practice with it.

I really did not enjoy the film part of the module. I really got on with most of my group however I was made to feel as though my input was unwanted. I was originally in the film and then other shots had to be redone which meant I was then cut from the film. I also tried to edit numerous times and was not allowed an input. I pride myself on being a good team player but this group dynamic did not work. I suppose this is what you learn from each project, who you work well with and who you do not and I still gained a lot from the experience.

I would have liked to have gotten more hands on with the filming as I have since done some documentary filming and really enjoyed it. I am hoping to further my camera skills over the summer.


Naratives: Images Ideas 6


A page in my book discusses the Russian Orthodox Church and some corruption that has spread through. The Russian Orthodox Cross is a really interesting design so I wanted to use that, it also is very recognisable. My first images were very thin and not very bold. I didn’t think they represented the strong identity of the Church and how much power it has so I came up with a much stronger image.


This image is much more powerful but the cross, which I really wanted to highlight, has become much less visible within the collage. This is how I came to create the final bold image which I hand drew.

Narratives: Image Ideas 5

I needed an image to represent Russia or the story I was telling. I began with the idea of a balaclava, Pussy Riot’s main uniform however I realised I needed something a bit more general. I began writing out words that symbolised Russia and the things that Pussy Riot are fighting against, but I felt it was unfair to tar the whole of Russia with the same brush. I then drew a rough outline in red over the word Russia repeatedly. I decided to go for a much more neat version of this outline for the actual page in the book.

Drafts 3

Russia 1

Narratives: Image Ideas 3

I decided to stick with the cutting out and layering technique but decided to use the photocopier style black and white background with the coloured figures to provide a stronger contrast. I felt this technique was much more successful and so played around with it until I was finally happy with the end image. In keeping with the zine style I ripped the edges of many of the images I used in the book and scanned them in against a white background to provide shadows on the rips and rough edges, just as a photocopier would do.


Narratives: Image Ideas 2

I started playing around with a photograph of Pussy Riot that I thought was interesting. I liked the brightness of the colours of their clothes contrasted with the darkness of the background. I edited the image on the computer to give different coloured versions, along with a black and white, photocopied style one.




I then started playing around with colour by colouring by hand over the photocopied image and then by cutting parts of the images out. I felt that the hand drawn version looked cartoonish and was interesting enough and the first attempt at a cut out image (the method many zines use) was even more boring. I decided to try another method.

Drafts 1