Make Your Own Luck by Kate Moross

ImageI have always been really interested in Kate Moross’ work, mainly because illustration and graphic design are definitely not my strong point so I really appreciated the work she has done. Also, the projects she takes part in are the types that I would love to work on. She works with musicians, clothing labels and other designers to collaborate and create some really inspiring work. Not only is she an illustrator and graphic designer, she also carries out photography work along with clothing design and has numerous other strings to her bow. The book is so inspiring as much of the work she discusses is from when she was still studying for her degree, this just shows how much you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

The first thing I learnt from the book is that you don’t need to be employed full time or graduated from university to get paid to do work. You don’t even need to be asked to do work for people either. Moross spent much of her time in university creating logos and images for bands and friends without them even asking. This allowed for exposure to her work and led to more paid work. Doing things for free can sometimes pay off financially in the end!

Secondly, I learnt that even if you’ve never done something before or are unsure whether you can do something, it is still always best to try things out and have a go. Practice makes perfect and trying new things can sometimes lead to the best results.

Lastly, learn from your mistakes and use them to your advantage. Making sure that you stop and look closely at a mistake or error of judgement ensures that you know what you did wrong and understand what to do next time to improve your work. Also, sometimes incorporating mistakes that you make into your work can give a different outcome, not one that you expected, but something you may never thought to have try or do.


James Richards Turner Prize Nomination

When reading the Turner Prize shortlist and a short write up about each of the artists, the one the struck me the most and sounded the most interesting was James Richards. His film Rosebud is made up of self-shot and also found footage. It includes footage of scratched out erotic images, water movement and a bird attempting to take flight; all seemingly very unconnected footage. He filmed some of the underwater footage using a very cheap underwater camera, I find it amazing that he simply stumbled across filming the footage and it has now been nominated for the Turner Prize.

This is a really interesting interview that Richards did about his own work and also the other work which is nominated. I think over the summer I am going to try and get some footage and practice with the editing software.

Ceramics Induction

I really enjoyed the ceramics induction, and although what I made wasn’t designed particularly well I thought the process was really fun and interesting. I wasn’t sure what to make so just decided to do a mug, which ended up being able to hold well over a pint! I used wallpaper to press a pattern into the surface and put my name on to personalise it. Then, once they had all been fired. We went back to colour and glaze our creations. I didn’t really mind what colour mine turned out so just played around with the colourings but I really like the green that it ended up. It looks ridiculous but I was actually really proud!


Metalwork Induction

I really enjoyed the metalwork induction as it was more practical and hands on than many of the other inductions. This is because of my background in product design. The workshop involved applying images to the surface of metal sheeting by eroding away part of the metal using chemicals and light exposure. The image can either be seen on one side or you can apply it to both sides and erode both away to create a cut out effect.

I chose to use images from my narratives book project. The image I used for one side of the surface was of Vladimir Putin. The image I intended to cut out was the outline of Russia. The Putin image came out quite well however the cut out image just didn’t work. This was because the outline was too thin for the chemicals and light to erode through.

I hope to try out metal work again in the future by incorporating it into one of my projects in second year.


Alec Dudson of Intern Magazine


On 16th January, I attended a talk and Q&A session at Village bookstore, with Alec Dudson, the founder of Intern Magazine. He gave an amazingly interesting presentation about his experiences setting up an independent magazine and his journey from leaving university to his current situation surrounding the magazine. His ethos is all about how any level of intern should be paid for their work; whether that be a contribution or some of their time and expertise. This is currently a very controversial topic as many argue whether young talent should be paid for everything they do or whether they should be appreciative of the opportunity for exposure or experience.


His lecture was really inspiring as he has created his magazine from absolutely nothing, using hard work, determination and also the online platform Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for the first issue. Kickstarter is a great way for otherwise unknown enterprises to gain the backing they need to get on their feet. They created a video to go alongside their campaign to help to show possible funders what the project is all about.


It was motivating to hear someone so young to be so successful and to have had so many opportunities to further his knowledge and experience since university. His insight into publishing and media has really made me consider whether this should be the path I go down in the future. I learnt a lot from the talk, especially how much you can achieve if you are really passionate about something and put your mind to it.

I Wish I’d Done That

‘I Wish I’d Done That is a really interesting project done by D&AD who create awards and project for just about anything on the spectrum of creativity. This project is about getting ‘the world’s most potent creatives’ to look back over 2013 and choose a project which made them think ‘I Wish I’d Done That’. I really liked the concept and ended up spending a good portion of my evening watching all of the videos. I think it’s a great idea as it makes you choose one single piece which really made you think and stuck in your mind and explaining exactly why you like it. This also helps you to be inspired and possibly use some of the ideas to influence your own work.

Here are some of my favourites:

The idea being praised in this video is really effective and also very funny. To combat the Republican senators and government officials in America who firmly believe that climate change is not happening, the creatives came up with the idea of naming the disasters after the officials and producing broadcasts warning of the dangers of ‘Senator James Inhoffe’, etc.

This next video shows the photographer Rankin praising another piece involving humor. The piece is an ironic video intended to mock the typical fashion videos which often take themselves a bit too seriously.

Luis Venegas “My Magazines”

Luis Venegas is an editor, publisher and creative director from Spain. Originally from Barcelona, he now lives in Madrid, where he compiles articles and curiosities for his magazine Fanzine137. He has worked for many notable brands such as Acne and American Apparel, utilising his skills within creative direction, and also contributed to numerous successful publications such as GQ Style UK and Acne Paper. Since March 1992, when he bought his first magazine, he has been collecting countless publications and has gathered a vast and varied hoard. NOWNESS, a lifestyle magazine which launched in 2010, produced a video of Venegas showing the audience his back-collection of magazines. I really like the style of the video and think that the lighting looks amazing. I felt that it was a very personal insight into something Venegas is obviously extremely passionate about. I am currently hoping to improve my skills at filmmaking and editing through the project I am working on as part of my current module and this video has inspired me as I am also a collector and have many boxes of magazines hidden away at home.