Visual Exploration Evaluation

I found this module as a whole difficult to get into at the start of the year. I think this is because the tasks seemed slightly pointless and did not link or connect to anything at all. However, I enjoyed each task as a separate workshop. I also missed the screen printing workshop initially due to illness so had to go and do my screen print later by myself which I struggled to motivate myself to do but eventually completed it. I will work harder next term to ensure I do not miss things.

I enjoyed working in the group to carry out the zine project and think that ours came out well. We collaborated well and shared the workload equally. Making the zine has led me to have a keen interest in zines and I have gone on to re use the techniques I learnt. I enjoyed making them as it was a very hands on and practical project which involved going out and gathering material (photographs) and then making something physical. I much prefer this type of task over more computer based work, I think this is because I come from a product design background rather than art or graphic design.

The typography was interesting as I have never done graphic design before so I learnt a lot. The opportunity to get some practice using InDesign and other software was invaluable to me as using computers is not my strong point. I hope to use the skills gained more in the future by having a go at some more hand drawn typography for future projects.

The screen printing was really enjoyable once I got into it and I learnt a lot as the technique and methods are quite long and complex. I have since been back and done some more prints as I enjoyed it so much.

I hope that in the future I stay on track and do not have any more absences as that will ensure me to get the highest grade I can. I know that it is only through my own fault if I do not achieve my potential so I will do everything to ensure I attend every session.


Typography Poster

I was stuck for a while on which quote to choose for the typography poster. Then I was sitting in uni and heard someone who was trying to get some work done and was obviously irritated with their friend who was speaking loudly. “Please, be QUIET.” They said the first half of their statement (which definitely was not a question) in such a quiet calm voice, until they reached the final word. “Quiet” came out so loudly that they disturbed a few people around them through their frustration. It is ironic really as usually if you were to think how you would write ‘quiet’ you would assume it would be small and lower case. However this is definitely not the way the girl in question intended it to be said. I chose a plain black text as it is almost as if it would be a sign placed around rooms that expected silence.


Zine in a Day

This is my first attempt at a zine:

Zine 1

I worked as part of a group to come up with this zine, ‘Hyde Park Alumni: Class of 2016’, which we had less than a day to produce. We decided to base our zine on the idea that Hyde Park is a residential area in Leeds that is full of students who are currently enjoying university life and often being irresponsible, however these students will probably one day go on to become functioning, well-respected members of society. Quotes such as “a future finance minister spends most of his money on vodka and pot noodles in here” were featured underneath an image of a scruffy-looking corner shop on Brudenell Road.

Zine 2

Light Night, Leeds, Part 1

We were given a brief to develop a table top circus game for Leeds Light Night which involves art installations involving light being exhibited throughout the centre of the city. LCA’s contribution to the evening was a range of table top stalls created by first and second year students.


After getting into groups with students from each year, my group decided to create a stall in which boxes of unknown objects are hidden behind a facade with hand-sized holes in. This allowed for participants to try and guess what each of the boxes contained, and those lucky enough to guess correctly won a packet of sweets! This went along with the theme of ‘Circus of the Senses’.


I feel as though the group I was in worked extremely well together. We all brought different skills and talents to the table and contributed equally. I used my previous experiences from studying 3d and product design to create the main structure of the stall and also helped to design and make the main facade. It was also fun and interesting to mix with others from my year and also the second year students.


My group really enjoyed getting feedback from the public and seeing their interaction with the stall. I felt that it was satisfying to see something that you have created being enjoyed by people. I felt we got a positive reaction from everyone who had a go. We also won the award for ‘Best in Show’ from the tutors which was another bonus!


The Myers Briggs Personality Test was interesting to do, I seem to lean more towards the extrovert, sensing, thinking and perceiving types. This seems to suggest that I am ‘a doer’ and ‘an ultimate realist’. It does seem correct in some ways as it predicted that I was enthusiastic at the beginning but my attention wandered towards the end of the evening which was true. It also correctly said that I would have been good at getting people involved, which I feel I was.